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monitors syria, heavy shelling is killed at least 20 people. a veteran chinese dissident jailed for 10 years for his online political activities. a memorial for nigeria's christmas day church bombing. welcome to bbc world news, broadcasting on pbs in america and around the globe. stabbings and london's most famous shopping street of one of the busiest days of the year. and forest fires force hundreds to flee their homes. the first group of arab league observers have arrived in syria to curb violence in the country. opposition leaders are urging the group to go straight away to the city on monday, where 20 people were killed by heavy shelling. the french foreign ministry says it supports the call from the opposition. >> this is what the activists want the arab observers and the world to see. unverifiable but hard to fake image as posted on the internet of what they say is the destruction caused by shelling of residential areas in the third biggest city. they also showed pictures that are too gruesome for us to broadcast of the bleeding corpses of the least four young men struck amidst t
that everything old is new again. dick crantz, fox 5 news. >>> coming up next, another deadly day in syria as arab league monitors arrived in the country to help restore the peace. we have the latest next. gary? >>> great day today. changes for tomorrow. rrow.  >>> in florida, three people were killed in a helicopter crash. a mayo clinic heart surgeon and technician were on their way to gainesville to pick up a heart when the chopper went down. the pilot was killed in the crash. there is no word what caused it to go down. >>> to syria, the arab league is getting involved in the deadly uprising. 23 more deaths were reported from intense shelling at the center of the country. hundreds of arab league monitors are arriving to help restore the peace. help land vitter has the latest. >> reporter: more deaths are being reported as the violence intensifies in syria. the arab league says the turmoil has gone on far too long and special teams are being sent in to help prevent further bloodshed. >> our role and the role of the arab league is to help the sir ran government get out of the crisis. >> report
of outside observers heads to syria today. activists say they could find scenes like this. this is as reports of more bloodshed, violence, and part of an entire city is under siege. we're talking about it in a few minutes. >>> and we'll show you a post office hit on christmas day with fire, graffiti, and bullets. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. lord of the carry-on. sovereign of the security line. you never take an upgrade for granted. and you rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i deserve this. [ male announcer ] you do, business pro. you do. go national. go like a pro. >>> an activist in syria says snipers in some parts of the country are shooting at, quote, anything and everything, as video shows tanks rolling through the streets of homs, one of the flashpoint areas if that country in the anti-regime movement. it's all part of a renewed government crackdown opposition sources say that has reportly left more than 20 people dead so far t
calling for peace and justice. >>> and city under siege in syria. a bloody christmas sunday as arab league observers go in and try to end the deadly crackdown. >>> and it's like christmas part two. hoping it will be a christmas black morning. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> good morning. this is monday, december 26th. i hope some of you are watching from home. >> did you get back from toronto okay? >> i did. boxing day. >> like the black friday of canada. >> right. good shopping. a lot of news right now. >> right. eight days to go m s ts to go ba caucuses, paul steinhauser is live with us in des moines, iowa this morning. hi, paul. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. quiet over the weekend. things pick up today and one week to go until the iowa caucuses. the first contest in the primary caucus calendar. this is a poll that came out friday afternoon. the most recent poll here. people are likely to go to the iowa gop caucuses. three-way traffic jam at the top. ron paul at 21%. mitt romney, former massachusetts governor, 20%. newt gingrich 19%. basically it's upgrabs here in io
to the "journal." i'm in berlin. >> welcome. >> these are our headlines this hour. >> renewed violence in syria as arab league observers are due to start their mission. >> bope ben direct iv condemns attacks on christians in nigh -- nigeria. >> the first 50 arab league observers have reportedly arrived in damascus. the observers could be headed to homes on tuesday. the city has been a stronghold of resistance to alassad's regime. they have traveled to the country to monitor whether syria has implemented a peace plan. >> one of the things are the observers are going to check is whether the syrian government is pulling tanks out of cities. but unverified video posted online says it shows the army firing on civilians on monday. activists say at least 23 people were killed, when the arab league observers start work, they'll offer the first official outside version of events. >> we're not going to give our opinions, but rather to report information about the extent to will the syrian government has implemented their obligations. have armed personnel been evacuated from streets? has syria paved the w
. >>> turning now to syria where there has been more bloodshed. we're going to show you now video, a youtube video said to be -- to investigate how committed the government is to ending it's brutal crackdown. and for more on both the violence and the official visit, let's check in on cairo. so what exactly are the arab league delegates looking for? >> hi, jessica. well the arab league observers who have gone into syria are hoping to get to the flash point areas in syria, to really try to put an end to the violence. according to the agreement they signed with the syrian government releases detainees and withdraws from the towns and villages across syria. but there's so much concern among the activists and opposition groups in syria, will these be given unfettered access? we have heard that the arab league delegates will be taken around syria by security forces. which begs the question, will they actually be able to go to the neighborhoods where -- if something isn't done seriously to stop this violence soon, they're really concerned that genocide will happen. >> the outside world is also very
than 5,000 people have died since syria's crackdown on protests began in march. >>> a suicide car bomber in iraq got through six security check points before setting off an explosive device at the interior ministry. at least five people killed there, 39 wounded. this happened after iraq's prime minister was meeting with the senior security officials to talk about how to keep the country safe. a series of explosions killed almost 70 people in baghdad just last week. >>> mexico says it's captured the chief of security for one of the most wanted alleged drug kingpins in the country. the kingpin is known as e el chappo, shorty. that guy made the forbes billionaire's list last year. they say that guzman's chief of security was involved in kid namgs, secret burials. >>> the maker of the baby formula enfamil said ittested the product and found none of the bacteria that's being plamd for an infant's death. another infant did get sick and is recovering. walmart pulled the cans off its shelves but so far state and federal and now company tests have found no evidence of the bacteria. and a c
-- my family is from syria -- i never thought i would see a dictator taken down by the power of street protests. in egypt, it's freer. the press can travel to cairo and report. i have come to love that country and the people in egypt, i truly have over the several years i spent reporting there. so, it's almost, i almost -- it's almost like wishing family well when you know a country intimately in a way i have grown to know egypt. >> hala gorani on reporting from egypt. i spent time there, our fellow colleagues had the opportunity to see every chapter before and since. back with hala, nic, arwa and ben. you live in cairo, your family was there. the same time this was all happening, you are concerned about your family and their well-being. >> i was completely split, ripped in two. on one hand, i wanted to cover the revolution. on the other, my neighborhood was an armed camp. my neighbors put barricades on the roads. they pulled out weapons i didn't know they had. shotguns, machine guns, samurai swords. and even my 17-year-old son was out there every night with a baseball bat and our germ
east, my family is from syria. i never thought that i'd see a dictator taken down by the tower of street protests. in egypt, it's freer. the press can travel to cairo and report, and i've come to love that country and the people in egypt. i truly have, over the several years i've spent reporting in there. so it's almost a -- i almost -- it's almost like wishing family well, when you know a can country intimately, in the way that i feel like i've grown to know egypt. >> hala gorani and the transformation in egypt. i spent time there at the height of uprising, but hala and her colleagues had a chance to see every chapter before and since. ben, you live in cairo. your family was there. at the same time all of this was happening, you're also concerned about your family and their well-being? >> i was completely split, ripped in two. because on the one hand, i wanted to cover the revolution. on the other, my neighborhood became an armed camp. you know, my neighbors put barricades, barriers on the roads. they pulled out weapons i didn't know they had, shotguns, machine guns, samurai s
in syria today. it is supposed to observe, and therefore, discourage the government's brutal crackdown on its own people. a crackdown that seems to be in full force despite a promise to the arab league just last week. this is amateur video reportedly from the flash point city of homs. the opposition says 22 people have been killed here today alone. >>> the global intelligence website stratfor is still down after hackers stole thousands of client names. a group called anonymous says it has no brief with stratfor who it considers an unbiased source for information. >> stratfor is in the business of providing geopolitical information the way the sort of state department does about political climate, on a very granular realtime basis. both to the general public in a more broadway an more specifically in their e-mails that people pay for. so in a sense they are in the security business, so that makes them kind of a ripe target for headline purposes, i guess. >> stratfor says it is diligently investigating the breach. >>> it is boxing day in britain, an annual holiday that's one of the bigge
of the attacks in nigeria. in his annual christmas day message, the pope called for an end to violence in syria. >>> in west bank town of bethlehem, hundreds attended christmas mass. the holy city saw an increase in visitors this year. an estimated 100,000 tourists were there. >>> in iraq this morning, six people were killed. the bomber struck during this morning's rush hour. over 30 others were wounded. the attack followed a wave of explosions last week that killed over 70. the group that calls itself anonymous says it hacked a i think tank over the holiday. they claim they stole the personal information from stratfor, a texas-based firm. clients include apple, the miami police department and u.s. air force. the department of defense told cbs news there has been, quote, no impact on pentagon networks. >>> a christmas tragedy in texas. seven members of one family were found shot to death. police say it was murder and suicide and happened after they finished opening presents. selena hernandez of ktvt, our station in dallas-ft. reports. >> reporter: the merriment of the holiday was overshadowed b
arrive in syria. these are monitors from the arab league who are now being urged to go to a city where there are new reports of a bloody government crackdown on civilians, at least 20 people killed. the nation's capital, ca maas da damascus, is reeling from coordinated bomb blasts. coming up, we'll have a live report from the region. julie: well, you know the loose-knit group of hackers known as anonymous? they have allegedly lifted credit card numbers from a major security firm. the victim is a security think tank, stratfor. the hackers allegedly stole credit card information in a robin hood-inspired stunt, and they charged these people's credit cards and donated it to charity. the web site is currently displaying this "under maintenance" message. this firm has suspended its server and e-mail in response. we're going to have more on this developing story a little later, we'll be talking to an expert here on the show, so stay tuned to that. rick: all right, looking forward to that. a nuclear saudi arabia, one of its princes hinting that the kingdom may join the nuclear arms race, and b
for an end to the bloodshed in syria, where 5,000 people have been killed in pro-democracy confrontations this year. later, the vatican condemned a christmas bombings in churches in nigeria. charlie dageda has the latest. >> reporter: the bomber struck as worshippers gathered for christmas mass-- families, children in their sunday best. at least 35 people were killed and 50 injured in one bomb blast alone. >> you can see so many families gone. the whole households gone. >> reporter: the emergency crews struggled to cope with the number of victims. st. theresa's was the worst hit. the nigerian authorities reported five bombings, including three churches and a government security building. it might have been even worse. the military spokesman says police caught some attackers with unexploded bombs. boco haram, the al qaeda group, claimed responsibility for the bombings, and local christian residents promise revenge. boco haram killed 61 people in attacks last week. today's bombings will raise the tensions between muslims and christians in africa's most populous nation. >> the hacking moveme
and reconciliation can bring about peace. >>> the arab league is trying to reign in the violence in syria. syria turned into a blood pat bath. syrian forces killed several hundreds in the past week. opposition leaders say they doubt the monitors will have much of an impact. >>> in north korea, thousands are gathering to mourn the death of kim jong-il. fox's david lee miller has the latest. >> reporter: the 14 year north korean leader with public displays of mourning. in south korea, home to many exiles, protests have begun against the current government structure. leaflets are airlifted over the border with the hope that they will reach citizens. some plan to travel north and pay respects to help diplomacy. >> i believe it is our duty to express condolences. we hope our visit helps to improve the north, south relationship. in seoul, an attempt to install a memorial to offer the late leader is being met with resistance by antinorth protestors. >> we are hear today to stop people from setting up incense altars. >> reporter: supporters argue the democratic south should allow the freedom to mourning
was the biggest effect, protesters in cairo, syria, russia? nbc's richard engel was there when hundreds amassed there. >> when they thought cell phone messages weren't safe, they switched to twitter. when twitter messages they thought they were being compromised, they would switch to facebook. chris: great reporting there. or apple becoming the world's biggest company actually and steve jobs phenomenon that came with it. or more and more readers of "the new york times" and "the wall street journal," among other newspapers, paying to get them online rather than driveways? or finally was it e-mail driving the postal services cutback sooner, cutting delivery back to five days? rick, your person of the year and there's your cover right there. your protester gives us a clue where you're headed. >> last month i went to egypt and tunisia and this tiny little town outside where mohammed ba diseasey set himself on fire. this is in the back of the back of beyond. you don't think anything can start there much less a world historical movement that toppled dictators across the middle east. you know how it h
to violence in syria where so much blood has already been shed. >> the pope also called for greater political dialogue in myanmar. after the message, he recited a holiday greeting in 65 languages. >>> that wraps up this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. tokyo. thanks for joining us. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com
of blind hatred and called for peace in the middle east, praying for an end to the violence in syria and for resumption of talks between the israelis and palestinians, and then delivered christmas greetings in 56 different -- 65 different languages, much to the delight of those gathered in st. peters square. >> feliz and a half see -- feliz and a half -- navidad. >> a second round of tests of the enfamil found no problems. the government has not issued a recall. health officials are awaiting test results on water used to mix with the formula. safeway, walgreens and wal-mart are some of the national retailers that pulled the powdered formula from store shelves after a newborne apparently die from a bacterial infection after drinking the formula. the maker says it has tested the formula twice for bacteria and the tests were both negative. >> airline workers in boston came to the rescue of a woman flying from san francisco to spain. he woman was hoping to take her dog to madrid but didn't realize he constant come along until he got to boston. two customer service workers stepped and ask
in syria as 20 more people are killed in heavy shelling. a car bomb explodes outside iraq's military ministry in baghdad. a veteran chinese dissident is joe for 10 years for his online political essays. a warm welcome to bbc world news broadcasting on pbs in america and also around the globe. brazil's economy is forging ahead, we reveal its new position. two stabbings and london's most famous shopping streets and one of the busiest days of the year. the first group of arab league observers has arrived to attempt to end the violence. at least 20 people were killed on the third day of heavy shelling. the aftermath video has appeared on the internet, but it is too gruesome to transmit on tv. but this is what the activists want the arab observers to see. unverifiable, but hard to fake images of what they say is the destruction caused by shelling of residential areas, the third biggest city. they also showed pictures that are too gruesome for us to a broadcast of the bleeding corpses. activists are calling it a massacre. but this is been going on for weeks with people reported killed ever
? >> well, iraq has adversaries there for whom the f-16s might prevent some attacks. syria is a great example, iran is a great example. they're not going to be the most sophisticated ones, they won't be able to attack israel or anything like that, but we're probably going to sell them to them, $10 billion worth. >> to a fragile government. >> yeah, separate issue altogether. and we have to have trainers there to make sure they're maintained properly and so on. it's a difficult situation, but i think we're going to do it. >> thank you so much. >> you bet. >>> a christmas tragedy in connecticut. a massive fire takes the lives of five people including three children. >>> and 2011 left congress bruised and battered. what lessons can lawmakers take forward to 2012? with the capital one venture card we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned a holiday trip to the big apple twice as fast! dinner! [ garth ] we get double miles every time we use our card. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the whole gang! it's hard to beat double miles! i want a mace, a sword, a... oww!
20 people are dead in syria after government tanks opened fire on anti-government protestors. it happened in holmes, a city at the heart of the nine-month-old uprising. violence there intensifying despite an agreement by president bashar al-assad to end the offensive against demonstrators. as monitors from the arab league arrive in that country on the verge of an all-out civil war leland vittert is keeping an eye on it live from jerusalem right now. leav >> reporter: what seems like is happening is the syrian government is trying to kill as many people as they possibly can before the arab observers get in place. they are scheduled to land in damascus in the next couple of hours. this is a race against the clock and brutality if you will. the video that is coming to us out of holmes is really, really disturbing stuff. this is the city that was at the very heart of the uprising and resistance there. the president's father, bashar al-assad's father there in syria killed 20,000 people in holmes when they revolted back in the 1980s. tanks are in the street. they are indiscriminate
to the scenes of violence that continue to pour out of syria. here, a tank rolls down a street. a neighborhood in the flash point city. activists say thousands of syrian troops recently surrounded it and are shelling it almost daily. cnn can't verify many of the videos posted from sir why but one homs resident describes the carnage we witnessed, explaining how everyone has become a target. in the last two days, there is a lot of injury. more than 200 injury. in the last three days. they executed little children because they shout against assad. the bombing one house,cy veilian house. >> the bombard many has escal e escalated. the same day a protocol was signed allowing arab league observers into syria, activists say the syrian army stormed the town. this video purports to show family members mourning loved ones who died in what is called the massacre. residents have become accustom to the violence. many even fear to bury their dead in public cemeteries. in this video, taken no n november, some bury their loved ones near a deserted road. at a hospital, one injured demonstrators lays in his bed
. the arab league sent monitors into syria today, even as the opposition reported new killings. amateur video showed government tanks firing shells in the city of homs. activists also reported machine gun and mortar fire, and said 23 people were killed. the opposition says government forces have killed 275 civilians in the last week. fighting between soldiers and army defectors has claimed another 150 lives. a government report in japan today depicted a cascade of confusion and mistakes after an earthquake and tsunami overwhelmed a nuclear plant. the fukushima dai-ichi nuclear reactor lost power and cooling when its backup generators were destroyed. that triggered core meltdowns, radiation leaks, and hydrogen explosions. the interim report concluded that plant workers had not been trained to handle such a crisis. it also found the government delayed giving full accounts of how bad things were, and how much radiation was being released. the military had little public reaction today after computer hackers claimed they stole the confidential client list of stratfor, a security firm. its clients
of the country. >>> in syria, at least 20 people are reported dead after coming under attack by government troops. this hours after monitoring teams from the arab league are set to arrive in damascus. >>> tonight there is a storm brewing in israel. it has to do with seating on public buses and women being told by men where they can and cannot sit. until one woman refused to move. it may remind folks of a woman who took a stand in this country more than 50 years ago. we get the story from nbc's martin fletcher. >> reporter: tanya rosinblit, the new poster child for women's rights. an orthodox jew said, you're a woman. go sit at the back of the bus. israel's rosa parks moment. "no," tanya said. >> if i were to go to the back of the bus i would be humiliating myself. >> reporter: a photo shows what happened next. a man threatening the bus, the threatening crowd. >> i was the only woman there. >> reporter: a policeman who came to help. after 30 minutes tanya won and kept her seat. then -- her story took off. the head of the opposition led a march to parliament. >> it's not only about women. it's abou
. what happens in syria finally. how the saudis react to all of this. they've not been happy with the united states for the past year, because of the way that we dispatched mubarak, and they said, you know, that's how you treat your friends, are you having a change at the top there? that has to be an important part of the debate in the next year. but my guess is that we won't hear very much about it, because people don't find a lot of political capital talking about that. >> just to pick up on one point there, there's a question that's hung over the iraq enterprise from day one and it's been this -- is iraq the way iraq is because saddam was the way saddam was? or was saddam the way saddam was because iraq was the way iraq was? is it a fractured, multisectarian country that could only be held together by an iron fist, first by saddam or residually by us? or is it not? we're going to get the answer to that question now. saddam's fist is gone, ours is gone, and the big question not just about iraq but all the arab springs is can they come together and write social contracts to
for an end to the violence in syria. prayers for those in flood stricken. >>> since the war began in 2003, dozens of churches have been bombed, priests and parishioners abducted and the homes of the faithful attacked. >>> and from the war in afghanistan american troops caroling. what they lacked in musicality they made up in enthusiasm. this assembly of carolers are out of fort lewis washington. >>> president obama and his family celebrated christmas in hawaii. the family attended christmas service on the army base. the first family woke up early to exchange christmas gifts then ended the day with dinner at the house they're renting in kailua beach. >>> internet video made christmas bright today for a soldier and his central coast family. >> say hi, say hi papa. >> baby camila guardado greeted her father ryan. ryan was deployed this past september 11th not long after baby camila was born. skype technology is keeping the family close. >> it helps a lot because he can see her close, because since he's been gone since she was three weeksology. >> mom and baby also got to watch dad open his p
for end to violence in syria and press ford peace talks in the middle east. he urged the world to help those suffering from famine and those affected by flooding in thailand and philippines. and concluded with christmas greetings in 65 different languages. and thousands also gathered for the mass at the birth place of jesus in bethlehem. a steady increase in tourism around the christmas holiday. nearly 300,000ists will visit it this holiday. deadly christmas in nigeria after a string of terrorist attack buys suicide bombers, targeting catholic churches during mass. highlighting the threats of muslim extremistextremists. >> reporter: the church on the outskirts of the region where people had come for prayer and in peace. where at least 27 people lay dead today. yet this was the first attack of many, a wave of massacre as cross nigeria this terrifying christmas day. car bombs, suicide attacks, one by one, four cities, five churches and congregations were struck. so many families gone. and carried out the blasts the same group which blew up part of the headquarters in august. and a bloody
. jeff? >> glor: david, thank you. syria's deadly crackdown against dissidents intensified today even as arab league observers arrived supposedly to help contain the violence. in the city of homs, reports today say shelling by government tanks and troops killed at least 23 people. the regime insists it's fighting armed gangs, not civilians. members of congress are getting richer but the people they represent are not. how a local church revitalized a community, and clarissa ward takes us to the afghan boarder where the enemy can be hiding just about anywhere when the "cbs evening news" continues. and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you want a firm bed you can lie on one of those. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. it's really shaping to my body. once they get our bed, they're like, "why didn't i
to syria to monitor a deal to end a nine-month -- to end nine months of violence on protesters. human rights groups are accusing the syrian government of sending thousands of groups in. demonstrators say troops killed two dozen people and wounded more than 200 others. the observers are in syria trying to stop the crackdown. >>> we're learning more about the possible visit by yemen's president to the united states. as we reported yesterday, his spokesperson says the president will travel here to the u.s., soon. now we're learning he's asking obama, the obama administration for permission to enter the country. it's believed he wants to enter the u.s. to receive medical treatment for injuries he received in a june attack. he promised to resign last month after growing tension? his you can -- his country. >>> the 18-member delegation made the trip across the border to north korea to express the sadness of kim jong-il. the widow of the south korean president is leading the group. >>> new details this morning on the investigation underway into the meltdown following the japanese quake and t
will be interested in that. syria, egypt, lots going on. we will try to cover it in the next two hours. >> indeed. as we go into this election campaign, as things really heat up, closer attention paid to the situation in iraq there. and you know, whether that could come back and impact president obama and his reelection hopes, wolf. >> it is interesting. vice president joe biden has been the point man for the obama administration and trying to make sure that following the complete withdraw of u.s. forces from iraq that country stays together, doesn't get into a civil war. he's been on the phone all week, and speaking with the shiite, sunni, kurdish leaders, he is trying to do his best. but ironically joe biden more than anyone else who years ago feared that this whole country could split up into shiite sunni, kurdish sections. that fear, at least according to the analysts i'm speaking to, people on the scene and we will speak with our own are a want damon. that fear is real. it's been more than a week since u.s. troops have been out of iraq and that fear is very real right now, that iraq could be
east tyranny and terrorism died in 2011, payful protest proved more powerful. fear is dead in syria for good. that's the viewer's thoughts on what significant deaths happened in the year 2011. we have governor of carey of new york. former senate mark hatfield of oregon. general john shalikashvili. betty ford, two secretaries of state. the first, lawrence eagleburger, and warren christopher. in between there, we have geraldine ferraro and sargent shriver. ok, i know you are very involved with the ford leg sifment you were a eulogist at her funeral. can you talk about whether or not her legacy is a lasting one. guest: oh, i think so. i think so. i think there are so many ways of looking at mrs. ford's legacy. in some ways, she's a very unusual figure among first ladies. arguably her impact was greater after she left the white house, although you cannot, you cannot exaggerate the significance of her openness at the time of her breast cancer surgery. it is hard to believe it today, but those are words not used in polite conversation 40 years ago. with the consequence that many women wer
the violence and offering condolences to the nigerian people. gregg: to syria, there are new reports of bloodshed in the nine-month-old uprising there. syrian forces reportedly pushing forward with a violent crackdown against opponents of president bashar al-assad. a pair of suicide bombings in the capitol city of damascus only adding to the growing fears. this as arab league observers arrive in syria to get a firsthand look at situation. leland vittert is live with more. what is the latest? >> reporter: it seems like, gregg that the syrian government may be trying to kill as many people as they can ahead of observers coming into town. we are talking about a matter of hours until they are indeed on the ground in damascus and get a chance to get a first-hand view of what is going on. from home comes a story of an artillery barrage which has leveled one neighborhood and killed about 20 people. that is the center of the uprising there against president sad r-frplt i bashar al-assad. it appears the military will stop at nothing including shelling into civilian areas to keep president bas
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